Wakey Wakey!

The Chair  of Budleigh in Bloom, Chris Ireland, welcomes everybody to our annual awards' evening in  the Peter Hall on Friday 6th October. This is to present the prizes for the winners of the  2017 Budleigh in Bloom summer Gardens' Competition.

In  addition to the prize winners in the invited audience are our sponsors and donors who help keep us afloat financially and our volunteers who look after all of the beds and displays around the town.

The evening is to recognise  everybody for their generosity and hard work in helping together to keep Budleigh blooming.

"Rogues' gallery"

The evening's awards are managed  by our top table (from left to right) -
Deputy Mayor - Tom Wright
Chair of Budleigh in Bloom - Chris Ireland
Secretary of Budleigh in Bloom - Odile Cook
Competition Judge - Janice Hindley (Bicton College)

My cup runneth over !
Winner of this year's  "Best Garden Competition"  Kathy Alabaster is presented with our "huge" cup by Tom and Chris.

Tom kindly helped Cathy support the heavy cup.

A Big Thankyou!

Several of our longstanding helpers have decided to step down this year -
  • Mike Allsop aka "Skippy" who looked after the bed at the entrance to the Public car park in Fore Street; and
  • Dave Winter who looked after the boat by the fishermen's huts.

They were thanked for their hard work over many years and a small presentation was made. This picture shows Dave Winter receiving his gift.
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