Flower & Produce Show March 2017

Getting ready for the show- plants

The new Chair, Chris Ireland, and the ViceChairman, Bob Wiltshire, load up our three tables with plants - all of which have been grown and donated by Budleigh in Bloom volunteers and supporters.

Getting ready for the show - books

Our resident "librarian" , Rob Sayers, stands back and admires his handiwork as he prepares his two tables of books which have been kindly donated.

Taking the money

Committee member, Janice Pownall,  sells a bag of plants to one of our Volunteers , Pam Burton, with Bob Wiltshire holding the plants.

"Blooming" busy

Committee member, Lynda Evans, helps our Chair serve the first rush of customers just after the doors opened.

We would like to thank the organisers of the Flower & Produce show for allowing us to raise funds at their event.
Also the many Volunteers who contributed their time and plants on the day,  but whom the camera did not manage to capture.
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